Submit an Idea for Future Posts

Here at (BS) Clarified, we are always looking for new and interesting scientific topics to clarify.

If you have any interesting ideas that you would like us to explore and research, please leave a comment here. We’ll try our best to find out everything about these topics.



11 responses to “Submit an Idea for Future Posts

  1. Your license terms are contradictory.
    Maybe you feel good or cool with the CC logo in your footer but you have a pure copyright license.
    That’s what old people called hypocracy.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Michael. That sounds like an interesting topic, I’ll do my best to look into it!

  2. Hello. Would you write a report about the study of dragonfly population and mosquito control during warm months? I agree that dragonflies can help to control mosquito populations by feeding on them.

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