Hire a Science Writer


Are you looking for someone who can translate scientific jargon into language that is understandable by a general audience? Then you have come to the right place. As a freelance science writer I am always interested in new opportunities–whether it is guest posting on your blog, developing content for your website, ghost writing for your organization, or writing in another capacity.

I specialize in writing about physical science and engineering. Having written theses and research papers during my engineering training, I understand scientific research. I have also hosted high school science outreach workshops and lab tours for the general public; so, I am very comfortable explaining science and what makes a particular piece of research interesting.

In addition to blogging at Basal Science Clarified, I contribute regularly to EPCM World, an engineering and mining news website.

Please take a look below for a sample of my writing.

I can be contacted at bsclarified [at] gmail [dot] com or found on Twitter and on LinkedIn

Here are a few of my writing samples:

uGPS: The Future of Underground Mine Mapping (EPCM World, May 2012)
Mining with Renewable Energy (EPCM World, May 2012)
Do Employers Value Your Postgraduate Degree (EPCM World, April 2012)
Engineering a Brighter Future (EPCM World, March 2012)
Clutter-free Batteries (The Varsity, January 2012)


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