About (BS) Clarified

We launched Basal Science (BS) Clarified in 2011 with the aim of generating interest and discussion on a variety of science topics ranging from social to physical science.

You will find more than just a story summary here. Our posts focus on the fundamental or basal understanding of science, with a particular emphasis on the how and why. We provide an explanation of the science discussed in popular media outlets and peer-review research publications, and offer insights/opinions on how it might impact society.

Some of the topics we cover do not have a very “high profile” but we believe they still make for an interesting read because of the implications on society and/or the environment. Most of our posts relate to physics, chemistry, engineering, and even a bit of astronomy. Occasionally we will also give our opinion on a piece of science we’ve read or hear about.

We envision BS Clarified to be an outlet to improve the communication between scientists, engineers, and the general public. Ultimately science is about bettering society—whether it is to deepen our understanding of the world or to improve our standard of living.

Hopefully you will find our posts to be engaging and perhaps even be intrigued to find out more about the topics! Open and honest discussion is welcomed on this blog; please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail us. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, so let us know if you don’t agree with our analyses or think we may have left something out.

We can be reached at: bsclarified [at] gmail [dot] com.

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A materials engineer by training who is currently working as a freelance science writer. After finishing her Master of Applied Science program at the University of Toronto she decided to use her scientific training to improve the communication between scientists and the public. She is passionate about the public understand of science and aims to effectively communicate science by providing evidence based commentary.

She is the main contributor here at (BS) Clarified.

She is always interested in new opportunities to offer her services as a freelance science writer. Head to the “Hire a Science Writer” page to take a look at her portfolio.



He holds a doctoral degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Toronto and is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the same field. In addition to his research, he dedicates his career to teaching the next generation of scientist/engineers and believes that education is required for change.

He is involved in the “behind-the-scenes” work at (BS) Clarified. Always looking to improve the site, you may see theme/design changes from time to time. He also tries to do his part to educate students and the public alike by contributing occasional posts here at (BS) Clarified.