Thank your for bearing with us in the past month or so

To our dear readers, thank you for bearing with us in the past period in which it may seem like we have disappeared.

Brief Updates

If you follow Cath @CathonSci on twitter, and I think she had also mentioned this several posts ago, we have travelled to a “new” “country” and have taken some time in the past two months to settle in to our new home, and for both of us: a new  job. Thank you again for staying with us during this period of infrequent updates.

Since both of us are on contract with a known end date, we still consider ourselves Canadian Bloggers blogging from abroad.

“Country” — as we all know that Hong Kong is not a country by itself but rather a special administrative region.

“New” — because in no way is Hong Kong new to us, but neither of us have been back in a while. Not to mention spending time here on holiday and living & working here is a big difference. A lot of things are new to us this time around, the trends have change, the atmosphere have change, and the culture have change.

Introducing a new Blog in our family

Cath has started a new blog “Thoughts at 3:15” to document our new adventure.

“This blog is meant to be a place to share my experience of living in Hong Kong, a collection of photos and random thoughts about the city”

Don’t worry though, Cath will remain as the main contributor here at (BS) Clarified.

Some Plans for the Future

I would also like to share some plans I have been thinking about (for a while) regarding this blog. So far, we’ve have quite enjoyed the simplicity of It has offered us easy to set up themes and layouts.

I am considering moving to a hosted wordpress site to gain a bit more flexibility with the design, layout, and eventually contents as well. However, transferring content is easy but transferring readership may not be easy. So what I would like to know is how many of you, our dear readers, will follow us at the hypothetical new site?

Secondly,  self hosting does come with a cost. It is not terribly expensive, but the little bits can accumulate over the years.

So I’ve come to the dilemma I’ve seen over and over again on other blogs: Should I monetize the blog somehow to help offset the hosting/domain cost. Please bear in mind that the purpose of (BS) Clarified will always be to educate the public about the newest advances in science. We are not aiming to make a fortune; all we are aiming for is to make enough to cover hosting/domain cost and maybe the very occasional beer, coffee, tea, or sweets as fuel and encouragement.

Bearing that in mind, here’s the poll:

Please let us know what you think. You can also let us know what you think in the comment below.

Thank you again for staying with us, and remember please subscribe and tell your friends.


P.S. of course Cath’s new blog Thoughts at 3:15 will also be moved together if I do decide to go for a self hosted wordpress site.


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