Treating mining-influenced waters

A major issue in the mining industry is the treatment of wastewater/effluent during mining and operations, but more importantly the treatment of legacy sites.

Source: Flickr’s Robert Scott Photography

Mining-influenced water (MIW) containing dissolved metals and metalloids can cause environmental and regulatory problems. MIW refers to four categories of water that has been affected by mining or mineral processing. Acid rock drainage refers to water from mining operations which exhibits mineral acidity. The other three categories are marginal waters, mineral processing waters, and residual waters, which vary in pH and dissolved metals/solids.

My latest article in EPCM World looks at a passive system, a bioreactor, to treat MIW that’s being developed by Dr. Brent Wootton of the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) in Ontario, Canada. Read more here…


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