Get informed!

The world is constantly advancing in every regard, in science, technology, business, government policies, standards of life, etc. These advances are fueled by change. The recent election of government, the passing of certain reforms or bills in senate, large scale adoption of certain technology or way of doing things are some examples of these revolutions that I’m sure are close to our hearts.

I’m sure many of us, myself included, wants to change the world for the better even by just a little bit. The key to a successful reform that changes the world for the better is knowledge. That is not limited to our knowledge as the person that wants to see the realization of such change but also the effective transfer of our knowledge to the general public.

The old saying “knowledge is power” is indeed very close to the truth.

Every decision we make is based on the best of our own knowledge. We don’t put our hands in the fire because we know that fire burns, causing physical pain to our body. Sometimes, we don’t do certain thing because it will cause us emotional pain. In short, we do things our way, because we know it is better suited to ourselves than any other ways other people may suggests. The same principle, surely, can be applied to the unit of “society”.

To do our part in advancing our society, we should, as a member of the public, get ourselves properly armed with factual information so that we can make informed decisions. By building up our foundation of knowledge, it would also help us decipher which information being spread is biased or otherwise a rumor and is false.  And when the time comes that we are the one trying to bring around change, we should provide the masses with factual information so that they can see why such change is good for themselves and society. Providing irrefutable facts instead of biased information surely will get the general public to side with you.

In the end, it is knowledge that have advanced our society, our technology, our productivity over the decades. The insufficiency of knowledge, and factual information, could lead to chaos and panic, such as in the case of Y2K. The power of knowledge does not simply come from having it, but the ability to transfer it to others as well. So if you have an idea, spread the knowledge and the factual information with proof; if you have been approached with an idea, get well informed on the subject matter before supporting or reject it.

The making of a society where everyone can easily get and should get informed before making any decisions, before voting yes or no for any issues, obtain the facts before accepting or rejecting new technology…. has already begun, and is awaiting for you to join. Won’t you join us?


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